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PostHeaderIcon Snow over wind over tide

We almost didn’t go paddling today because it was snowing hard at home and we were worried we wouldn’t be able to drive back up the fairly steep hill to where we live. But the snow eased of so we headed out about 1pm for a couple of hours surfing at Point Lynas tidal race. It’s a 10.2 meter tide today, which means loads of water moving past the point at about 4 knots. With a brisk wind against the ebb tide, we knew we’d have some exciting waves to play on. We weren’t disappointed and had a fantastic hour or 2 catching some fun rides.

I dropped almost vertically down one wave and popped back out vertically. For a heart stopping moment I thought I was going to end up capsizing and would have to roll, but I landed the right way up side on to the waves. I wasn’t so lucky a bit later on got looped and capsized, but it honestly wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be. My lovely Kokatat drysuit and my warm hat helped a lot!! 


3 Responses to “Snow over wind over tide”

  • John says:

    Superb rough water photographs.

  • keith says:

    looks like a blast,

    would a surf kayak be any fun out there, the waves look big enough? Or is it a LOOOONG paddle out?

  • Justine says:

    a surf kayak would be fun. it’s about a 500 metre paddle out to the race and the flow at Point Lynas isn’t that fast so a surf kayak should be able to stay in position and surf without being washed too far back. I’d prefer to be in a seakayak there because hull speed does help on tidal race waves. The waves can be quite hard to catch and don’t usually break for that long so you’d probably get quite short rides in a surf kayak. But I’d rather be out in a surf kayak than not out at all!!