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Downwind Blast
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PostHeaderIcon Downwind Blast

The wind keeps on blowing on Anglesey and we decided to do a repeat of our downwind paddle along the North Coast. This time we launched at Cemaes Bay and had a couple of fun surfs to the beach, before heading east to Point Lynas. The tide, wind & swell pushed us along, making it a fast, fun ride. It felt more like paddling on a trip since we were making good speed and didn’t have to go back to where we started! The swell was almost as big as last week although because the tide was with us this time, the waves were a little less steep and intimidating. We reached Point Lynas far too quickly and I wished we could jump on a boat and be taken back to Cemaes so we could do it all again! In other news, my latest film, “Islands of Fire” about kayaking in the warm, clear waters of Sicily won 2nd prize at the Italian Film festival in Milan! Buy the 30 minute film now as a HD digital download….. or look out for it on ‘This is the Sea 5’ in 2012!

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