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Stacks of Fun!
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PostHeaderIcon Stacks of Fun!

“Sunday paddling sessions” are becoming a habit for Barry, Roger, Marcus & I. Today we opted to paddle around “The Stacks” in a chunky swell and lively sea. Launching at Porthdafarch at slack water, we surfd a few nice waves into the beach before heading round towards Penrhyn Mawr just as the tide was starting to flow against us. Despite a lack of tide, waves were breaking over the rocks with impressive power. We admired it from a safe distance, edging just a bit closer for the photos!

Heading round  Abraham’s Bosom, we fought against the tide, rather than get too close to the swell breaking on the rocks. After a bit of exciting rock hopping, we made it fairly easily under South Stack bridge. No climbers out today in Gogarth. Landing at Parliament House Cave required a bit of good timing as a few large waves were breaking on the rocks. Lunch was followed by a brief surf in North Stack before we headed back with the tide to South Stack. The waves looked pretty chunky in the race there, and we stayed close to the lighthouse in an exciting swell, but without many breaking waves.

Another great fun day!

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