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What a beautiful day. We launched into the sun rise at 4.30am and enjoyed 5 hours of calm paddling along a beautiful coastline with high cliffs and lush valleys. As we reached our most northerly point of our journey at Cap de Nouvelle France, the wind picked up behind us and a 3 Knot current appeared against us. We could mostly enjoy the benefit of a strong eddy but had to fight the current at a couple of headlands. Just as we were sprinting around a lively point, we heard the exhale of a large marine mammal and saw a massive grey hulk with 2 tusks poke out of the water. Then another one, and another. 10 walrus were going our way for about 20 minutes, presumably feeding on something in the strong currents. It was wonderful to watch them and they seemed totally unphased by us, except when one emerged 5 metres from my kayak and showed some surprise, diving under the sea again very quickly. I allay saw about 8 big arctic char under the water near the cliffs… maybe hiding fro m the

The coastline changed as we started to head SW, its now lower again, with some flat headlands and a few larger mountains a bit inland. There’s a wide intertidal zone in places again making us stay offshore between points. We enjoyed the following sea for about 15km before flat calm reigned again for 10km, then a headwind picked up and slowed our good pace. We landed after a short battle Into a manageable wind, finding a natural channel in the rocks that delivered us right to the beach, as long as we aren’t within 2 hours of low water. We covered 68km in 12 hours and I’m ready for bed very soon. There’s carribou in our campsite as usual. It’s about 90km to Salluit. Well have another early start tomorrow.

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