In May & June 2013, Justine Curgenven, Barry Shaw & Roger Chandler will set off to try to kayak 1,000 miles around the beautiful island of Ireland. Although Dublin is just a 60 mile paddle away from our North Wales home, on this occasion we’ll start the trip with a ferry ride to Dun Laoghaire (by Dublin).  After briefly sorting out our kit we will head south from there, on a clockwise paddle around the island.

We are not in any big rush and would like to kayak out to some of the beautiful offshore islands like the Blaskets & Skeligs if the weather is kind. Roger has groups to teach in July so I’m sure we’ll make good distances on some days, particularly as we cant’ resist taking advantage of any favourable currents and winds. All in all, we’ll hope to be home within about 50 days.