In 2005, Barry paddled around Great Britain with Phil Clegg and Harry Whelan, completing the 2,200 mile journey in a remarkable 80 days. Barry’s paddled across the Irish sea between Wales, Ireland and the Isle of Man 9 times, a distance of up to 60 miles including a 60 mile crossing from the Llyn Peninsula to Wicklow on January 1st 2009 – one of the shortest ( and coldest) days of the year!  Barry enjoys long distance kayaking and he also paddled 75 miles around Anglesey in just 13 and a half hours. In 2007 he paddled 300 miles around the Mediterranean island of Corsica with 3 friends, and in 2008 he paddled 2400km around the south island of New Zealand with Justine Curgenven.


Barry works enough to pay the bills and spends as much time as possible paddling, usually going out 4 or 5 times a week. He often works as a carpenter or teaches seakayaking in Wales, and at UK and international symposiums. A very friendly chap, Barry love seakayaking and after a day of teaching it, he likes to spend the evening paddling in the Anglesey tidal races to make sure he keeps “an edge” to his personal paddling.