If you would like to sell Cackle TV Productions Downloads then we will pay you 10% of the sale price. All you have to do is paste a link onto your website / blog/ facebook page which sends people to the Cackle Download store. If anyone follows that link and buys downloads then you get 10% of the sale price.

The downloads are sold through E-junkie and you’ll need to sign up for a free E-junkie affiliate account so we can keep track of who you send to the store. Just click the link below to be taken to E-junkie to do this.

Join our Affiliate Program!

Once you are signed up, you will be given an affiliate ID number which identifies any sales you make. You can click on ‘get affiliate code’ to get a line of HTML code which you can just paste onto facebook/ your blog/ your website or any other place on the internet to send people to the store. If you like, you can tell people you will get a share of the profits if they buy via your site.

You can log in anytime to see how many sales you have created and how much you have earnt. Cackle TV Productions will endeavour to pay you via paypal every 2 months. If you would like paying at any point then just email us and we will pay if we are near to the internet.

In some cases – for example if a download is about you – you can paste a link to sell that specific product and earn 20 %. This only works if I have added the specific product to E-junkie.  You will see these products on a separate drop down menu at the bottom of the page.  Click on the product to highlight it, then select ‘get affiliate code’. You’ll see 2 paragraphs of HTML code – the lower one entitled ‘direct sale button code’ is the code which just sells that 1 product. Copy this onto your website to just sell this product.