Our latest Digital Downloads – and some archive footage that’s never been seen before.



Download the entire “This is the Roll” DVD – our highly acclaimed instructional rolling DVD with expert instructors Cheri Perry & Turner Wilson.

“This is by far the best rolling video that I have seen”.

2hours 30 minutes. HD. 16 x 9 widescreen.   Price: £15.99
Be aware that this download will take up approx 5GB of space.

Your download will be 5 separate videos & we suggest watching them in this order.

1. Fundamentals
2. Standard Greenland Roll
3. Forward finishing fundamentals & Reverse Sweep
4. Storm Roll
5. ‘Extras’ can be watched when-ever you like, although the balance brace & sculling chapter may make more sense after the ‘fundamentals’.

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Our  first HD download, “Islands of Fire” has won 2 prestigious awards for best seakayaking film but is not yet available on DVD. Justine Curgenven joins local Italian paddlers on a tour of the warm turquoise waters in Sicily´s Aeolian Islands. Explore rugged coastline and crossing between islands with dolphins and turtles. This charming film offers an insight into the Italian way of life, with good food and good humour. A highlight is climbing up the active volcano of Stromboli which errupts every 10-15 minutes.
See it first in full HighDefinition (encoded with the H264 codec with resolution 1280 x 720).

32 minutes. HD. 16 x 9 widescreen.   Price: £4.99

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Never-before-seen film about seakayaking under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Rowland Woollven takes a five star training course from Rodeo Beach, under the famous bridge and into the Yellow Bluff Tidal Race.

2003. 4 minutes.4 x 3.  Price: UK £0.99

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Dutch seakayaking coach & active paddler Axel Schoevers talks about how his seakayak is the perfect backpack. This short feature includes footage of his circumnavigation of the Netherlands by kayak, and showcases some brave Dutch paddlers battling big surf waves on the Dutch coast.

2004. 5 minutes. 4 x 3. Price: UK £0.99

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