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The Manitou islands are jewels a few miles from the shores of Lake Michigan. Join Doug VanDoren, Ken Fink, Keith Wikle, Derrick Mayoleth and friends on a 3-day trip on the crystal clear waters of the lake, exploring shifting dunes & rusty shipwrecks.

7 minutes. 4 x 3. Price: UK £0.99

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The stormy seas and gale force winds around Tasmania provide a challenge for any boat. What, then, possessed 3 young women to try to seakayak around the 850 mile Australian island? This warts-and-all documentary gives a real insight into the highs and lows of a challenging expedition. You feel like you are there in the kayak as the girls battle through 3-storey high swells on the exposed SW coast & heave their 100kilo kayaks over drying-out sandbanks. They resort to 4am starts to try to beat the constant headwinds but still they endure the heartache of turning back against a gale.

Winner of best adventure sports film at the Wanaka Mountain Film Festival & 2nd place at the biggest European kayaking film festival. Finalist at Kendal Mountain Film Festival, Llamff & the Riverkeepers Film Festival in NC, USA.

40 minutes. 4 x 3. Price: UK £2.99  WATCH PREVIEW Add to Cart


Bryan Smith survives multiple trashings at Skookemchuck rapids in British Columbia. This famous surfing wave provides beautiful green waves to carve on…. which turn into angry white monsters on big spring tides. Bryan shows off his skills and survives multiple rolls.

5 minutes. 4 x 3. Price: UK £0.99

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More action from the inner and outer races at Penrhyn Mawr tidal race on Anglesey. Skilful paddling (and good recoveries!) from Aled Williams, Phil Clegg, Simon Osborne, Harry Whealan & others. This was originally 2 separate films on “This is the Sea 2” but brought together into 1 film here.

8 minutes. 4 x 3. Price: UK£1.99

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Norway’s stunning Lofoten islands have to be one of the best seakayaking locations. Picture-perfect peaks rise from the sea providing a wild and beautiful backdrop. Remote camping is possible and you can cross the famous Maelstrom tidal race … if you dare.

6 minutes. 4 x 3.   Price: UK £0.99

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Jeff Allen & Hadas Feldman take 6 months to circumnavigate the 4 main islands of Japan. This charming film follows them as they encounter bears and seals, shelter from gale force winds & sample all manner of local delicacies.

7 minutes. 4 x 3. Price: UK £1.99

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The paddling Pastor from Michigan likes paddling with a ‘stick’. Doug VanDoren is a firm believer that you can paddle just as fast and efficiently with a Greenland paddle. Doug gives us a few tips on technique while paddling at the Manitou Islands & shows us some of the many rolls he can do, including using a few interesting props!

Approx 5 minutes. 4 x 3. Price: Uk £0.99

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This infamous tidal race in South Wales is more than a match for 16 of Britain’s top seakayaker and river paddlers, who are invited to attend a ‘blackbelt seakayaking’ event at the Bitches. They search out moving water playspots in the Ramsey island area before heading for the big one! Plenty of loops, pop outs and scary moments. Staring Sean Morley, Paul ‘Cheesy’ Robertson, Nick Cunliffe, JP Eacock.

12 minutes. Price: UK £ 1.99

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