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A stunning & challenging seakayaking journey to the dramatic Faroe Islands in Europe. Follow Justine Curgenven and paddling partner as their tent is flattened by gales & the rough seas and fog challenge them on the water. Fairytale scenery including the world’s tallest vertical cliff and thousands of sea birds. They experience hunting for puffins with long nets, eating raw meat & wonderful hospitality. Finalist at the Graz Mountain Film Festival & the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival.

25 minutes. 4 x 3 widescreen.   Price: UK £2.99

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Seakayaking in the beautiful Shetland islands in Scotland – including a trip to remote Foula, a terrifying open crossing in a thunder storm, paddling with ganets and exploring amazing caves.

10 minutes. 4 x 3.   Price: UK £0.99

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A short but dramatic film of a double cartwheel in a seakayak! The footage has to be seen to be believed so fortunately it’s captured from 2 angles! Aled Williams tests his new prototype Greenland style kayak – and he really does test it!

3 minutes. 4 x 3   Price: UK £0.99

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Fantastic seakayaking action including loops, swims and sweet surfs on the “Grey Dogs” and the meaty ‘Falls of Lora’ tidal race in Scotland. Starring Nick Cunliffe, Aled Williams, Mick Berwick, Justine Curgenven and Freya Hoffmeister.

Finalist at San Francisco Ocean Film Festival
14 minutes. 16 x 9 widescreen.    Price: UK £2.49

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Underwater rolling footage of Cheri Perry and Freya Hoffmeister, 2 of the worlds best Greenland style rollers. The 2 women give an insight into their very different motivations. Cheri is influenced by the Greenlanders who developed the rolls while hunting and Freya treats it more as a gymnastic performance and fun. Cheri shows us the hardest roll of all, the straight jacket roll, while Freya displays her famous headstand in the kayak.

Finalist at Sheffield Mountain Film Festival.
15 minutes. 4 x 3.  Price: UK £2.99

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A rare insight into the legendary Paul Caffyn, who was took on challenging seakayaking expeditions years before his time. Paul has circumnavigated practically everything including Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Japan, and Alaska! Paul talks about his trips and inspriation while paddling in New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds & Alaska. This film has been described as ‘essential viewing’ for any serious seakayaker.

15 minutes. 4 x 3.  Price: £2.49

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The award winning and dramatic tale of Andrew McAuley & 2 friends who paddle 800km down the Antarctic Peninsula in incredibly challenging conditions. They encounter winds so strong that they fear for their lives, they’re trapped by moving ice and are plagued by injuries. This documentary is equally terrifying and hilarious as the team cope with their many hazards with good humor. It’s all worth it for the beauty and wildlife in one of the true last wildernesses.

Winner of best adventure film at the Reel Paddling Film Festival.

40 minutes.  Price: UK £3.99

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