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You will download 8 separate films with a total size of over 5 GB. You need to have this much storage space on your computer or an external drive. The introduction to “This is the Sea 5” is included with the ‘Paul Kuthe’ film.

3 hours | over 5GB | 8 HD widescreen films | £14.99


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A British couple battle shipping delays, tendonitis, a stolen kayak and incessant winds in their bid to be the first people to sea kayak 1000 miles round the remote Patagonia island of Tierra del Fuego. With a backdrop of glaciers carving into the sea, whales, sealions & virtually ininhabited wilderness – this film is both exciting & warming.

This film won Best sea kayaking film in the 2013 Reel Paddling Film Festival and the Waterwalker Film Festival. It was a finalist at Kendal Mountain Film Festival & Vancouver Mountain Film Festival.

 52 minutes | 1.3 GB | 16 x 9 widescreen  HD |    Price: UK £4.99

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Kayak from Russia to Japan & from England to France with young Brit Sarah Outen as part of her round the world journey by human power alone. This funny & dramatic feel-good documentary charts Sarah’s battles with sickness, a damaged kayak, the Russian law & exhaustion as she attempts a series of long open water crossings.

40 minutes | 1.5 GB | HD 16 x 9 widescreen  |   Price: UK £4.99
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Justine Curgenven and Barry Shaw kayak 500 miles around the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sardinia. But it’s not all turcoise water, swooping birds of prey, towering limestone cliffs & pizza! There are also torrential rains, strong winds & military firing ranges to contend with.

25 minutes | 960 MB | 16x 9 | £2.99

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12 times World Champion Oscar Chalupsky & 4 times Olympic Champion Greg Barton down wind surf ski in Hawaii & Spain.

This film captures the excitement of down wind surf ski paddling & the essense of these 2 exceptional athletes with opposite personalities. Also includes insights from 6 times world marathon kayaking champion Ivan Lawler, and writer & 5x Molokai finisher Joe Glickman.

11 minutes | 580 MB | HD 16 x 9 widescreen  | £2.99

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PAUL KUTHE (& “This is the Sea 5” introduction)

Paul Kuthe is one of today’s most talented kayakers – equally at home in a white water kayak, canoe or sea kayak. He visits Wales & carves up some beach surf & the Swellies Wave in the Menai Straits – while giving tips on how to get the perfect surf. This film is preceded by the introduction of “This is the Sea 5”

8 minutes | 390 MB |HD 16 x 9  widescreen | £1.99
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Turner Wilson believes in using the energy of waves to make rolling his kayak easier. In this beautiful short film, Turner shares his philosophy on kayaking, life & dolphins. Stunning shots of rolling with a Greenland stick in the surf.

4 minutes | 280MB |HD 16 x 9 Wide screen | £1.99
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Harry Whelan doesn’t see the point of travelling far and wide to kayak. He loves London’s River Thames & often surfs ferry wakes on a pre-dawn training run. He’s kayaked around Great Britain once & Ireland twice – and would happily do them both again. We see Harry surfing in London & coping with a dislocated shoulder on his 2000 mile trip around Great Britain.

7 minutes | 370 MB | HD widescreen | £1.99

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“Islands of Fire” won 2 prestigious awards for best seakayaking film. Justine Curgenven joins local Italian paddlers on a tour of the warm turquoise waters of Sicily´s Aeolian Islands. This charming film offers an insight into the Italian way of life, with good food and good humour. A highlight is climbing up the active volcano of Stromboli which errupts every 10-15 minutes.
32 minutes | 727 MB | HD 16 x 9 widescreen | £3.99

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