Justine has won over a dozen first place awards for her films at major film festivals, and been a finalist or gained a ‘special mention’ at many more. Here are some of the awards and accolades that Cackle TV productions have received over the last few years.

This Is The Sea 5

  • “Tierra Del Fuego” won best sea kayaking film at the Reel Paddling Film Festival 2013
  • “Tierra Del Fuego” won best sea kayaking film at the Waterwalker Film Festival 2013
  • “Islands of Fire” won best sea kayaking film at the Reel Paddling Film Festival 2011
  • “Islands of Fire”  won best sea kayaking film at the Waterwalker Film Festival 2011
  • “Tierra Del Fuego” was a finalist at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2012  & VIMFF 2013

This Is Canoeing


  • “This is Canoeing” won best canoeing documentary at the Reel Paddling Film Festival 2010
  • “This is Canoeing” won best canoeing documentary at the Waterwalker Film Festival 2010
  • “Dougie Down the Pet” won best professional documentary at America’s National Paddling Film Festival 2010



This Is The Sea Four

Best Adventure film for "South Island Circumnavigation"
  • ‘South island circumnavigation’ won ‘best adventure film’ at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival in November 2008, the UK’s premiere adventure film festival. It is going on tour around the UK with the ‘Best of Kendal’. ‘Dubside’ was also selected for screening from 300 submitted films.

  • ‘South island circumnavigation’ won ‘best adventure film‘ at the Waterwalker Festival 2009.

  • ‘South island circumnavigation’ won ‘best adventure film‘ at the Reel Paddling Film Festival 2009.

  • ‘South island circumnavigation’ won best water-based adventure film at the Montreal Festival of Travel and Adventure 2009

  • ‘South island circumnavigation’ won best sport and action film at the BOVEC Outdoor Film Festival in Slovenia 2009

  • ‘South island circumnavigation’ was judged 2nd best adventure film at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 200

  • A festival version of ‘This is the Sea 4′ was a finalist at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival in October 2008.

  • ‘Rockhoping in Baja’, ‘Dubside’ & ‘The Ottawa River’ were finalists at the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival in February 2009.

  • ‘South island circumnavigation’ was a finalist at the Wanaka Mountain Film Festival in New Zealand.

  • ‘South island circumnavigation’ was a finalist at the 2009 Dijon Adventure Film Festival, France

  • ‘Haida Gwaii’ was a finalist at the Reel Film Festival 2008 & the Waterwalker Festival 2009.

  • ‘South Island Circumnavigation’ was a finalist at the 2009 Graz Mountain Film Festival, Austria.

  • ‘South island circumnavigation’ & ‘Dubside’ were finalists at the 7th Outdoor Film Festival in the Czech Republic 2009

  • ‘Dubside’ was a finalist at the 12th European Kayak and River Film Festival, Slovakia 2009.

  • ‘Rockhopping in Baja’ was shown at the 2009 World Oceans Day Film Festival in Oakland, California, USA

This Is The Sea Three

  • ‘Epics in Ice’won best Adventure film at the Reel Paddling Film Festival in Feb 2007. The film went on tour with the film festival to 70 locations around Canada and America throughout 2007.

  • “This is the Sea 3” won best adventure film at the 2007 Waterwalker Filmfestival in Canada.

  • “Scottish Tidal Races” and “The Faroe Islands” were finalists at the 2008 San Francisco Ocean Film Festival.

  • Sections were finalists at the 2008 Alaska Ocean Film Festival

  • “The Faroe islands” was a Finalist at the 2007 Graz Mountain Film Festival, Austria

  • The section on Freya and Cheri rolling was shown at the Sheffield Mountain Film Festival in 2007

  • Finalist at the 2007 Irish whitewater film festival.

  • Finalist in the Wanaka Mountain Film Festival, New Zealand

  • Sections of ‘This is the Sea 3′ were shown at the grand opening of shops in Norway and Montreal, and launch parties held in shops in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and America

This Is The Sea Two

  • This is the Sea 2″ won best seakayaking film at the ReelPaddling Film Festival in Feb 2006. Sections of the video were shown on the Film Festival tour which visited 21 different locations in North America throughout 2006.

  • Tasmania won Best Film on Adventurous Sports & Lifestyles at the 5th Annual ‘Wanaka Mountain Film festival’ in New Zealand in 2006

  • “Tasmania” won2nd place ( silver camera) at the biggest European kayaking Film Festival, held in Rosenheim, Germany, Jan 2006

  • “This is the Sea 2″ and “Tasmania” were finalists at the National Paddling Film Festival in Kentucky, USA in 2006

  • “Tasmania circumnavigation” was a finalist at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival, Nov 2006. The film was one of 53 selected from 500 entries.

  • “Tasmania” got a special mention by the judges at the Llanberis Mountain Film Festival, North Wales in March 2006

  • Tasmania circumnavigation has also won ‘honorable mention’ at the Neuse Riverkeepers film Festival in NC, Nov 2006.

  • “This is the Sea 2″ was a finalist at the 2006 Fort William Film Festival in Scotland.

  • The Skooks tidal race section was a finalist at the 2006 Vancouver Mountain Film Festival.

  • Extracts shown at the 4th annual Nordic Mountain Film Festival in September 2006 in Jotunheimen, Norway, on a big outdoor screen.

This Is The Sea

  • A festival version was a finalist at the Montreal Film Festival 2005.
  • The film was a finalist a the Wet West Film Festival in New Zealand.
  • The Kamchatka film was a finalist at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival
  • Shown on a big cinema screen in Singapore.
  • Sections of the film have been shown at dozens of sea kayaking symposiums and events.


  • “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”, an hour long documentary produced and co-filmed by Justine Curgenven won ‘best mountain sports film’ at the famous Banff Mountain Film Festival 2004. The documentary is about digging out new cave passages in Wales.
  • In 2009, Justine was named as one of Britain’s top 20 live explorers by the national paper, the Sunday Telegraph.

Justine’s Broadcast Credits

  • Producer / camerawoman on ‘Natur Anghyfreithlon’ ( Illegal Nature )
    Researcher, producer and additional camerawoman on a 6-part series about endangered wildlife, for S4C, presented by Iolo Williams. Shot in Borneo ( orang utans), Russia (tigers), Malta ( birds of prey), Cameroon (African grey parrots), and UK. The Malta programme was a finalist for a major award.
  • “Producer on “Adventure Challenge” National Geographic Channel
    Producer, script writer and avid editor on a 26-part series of hour long programmes for a fast turnaround series about extreme expeditions. From paragliding across the Himalaya to dogsled racing in Norway. One programme that I produced and co-filmed won the “Best Mountain Sports Film’ at the prestigious Banff Mountain Film Festival 2003. Feb – May and Sept 2003
  • Camera/ director on “Adventure Challenge” National Geographic Channel
    I filmed  a remote sea kayaking expedition in Kamchatka in far East Russia. Team members were myself, another woman and a Russian man who was a novice kayaker. Brown bears, huge surf and Russian tanks were the main challenges. Hour long documentary called “One Risk Too Many”. June 2003
  • Camera/ director on “Total Adventure”, National Geographic Channel, 2003
    Shooting two 30-minute films. “Canoeing Alaska” followed a wildlife photographer on a 6 week sea kayaking expedition to Alaska. Former BBC Wildlife photographer of the year, Duncan Murrell, specialises in taking photographs of humpback whales from his kayak.
    Expedition member and camerawoman on an all-female mountaineering and climbing trip to climb new routes in Greenland. The 6 strong team spent 7 days skiing to base camp and climbed 8 new routes. Shot on PD150 and minicam. Half hour programme. July/ August 2003
  • Camera/ director on “Sporting Lives”, BBC Wales, 2002
    Director/ camerawoman/ editor on a half hour programme for BBC Wales about 2 whitewater kayakers on the European competition circuit. The programme follows 2 former world champions ( Debs Pinniger & Paul “Cheesy” Robertson) in competition, and at play. 
  • Camera/ director on “British Adventure Races”, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky, 2003-2009
    Filming dozens of different adventure races all over the UK. I have to keep up with competitors and film them fell running, white water rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, winter mountaineering, abseiling, canyon jumping. I often film in the water with a camera in an underwater housing – and it’s not ususual to slide down 30foot waterslides with a camera.
  • Camera on “Temptation Island”, Channel 4, Sky
    Filming on DSR500 and PD150 on reality TV programme, set in Roatan Island, Honduras. June 2001
  •  Wild Water Racing World Championships, Sky Sports, 2001
    Camera/ director on 3 camera shoot. For Gillette World Sport.
  • Hurley Rodeo & Bala extreme race, Sky Sports, 2001
    Director/ camerawoman on white water kayaking events for ‘Watersports World’ and ‘Sports Unlimited’.
  •  Camera on 3 Peaks Yacht Race S4C, Transworld Sport, Channel 4, 2002/2007/2008
    Filming on the winning yacht in force 9 winds through tidal races. I filmed on this event 3 times – from force 9 conditions overnight to being becalmed in the turbulent Menai Straits.
  • Ascent of Mount Aconcagua, National Geographic Channel, 2001
    Camerawoman/ director on a DERA expedition to climb 6,956 metre Mount Aconcagua in Argentina. I filmed all aspects of the expedition including summitting.
  •  Multi-skilled programme maker, Meridian Broadcasting, 1999-2000
    On-line and off-line Avid editor, lighting camerawoman on DSR500, director, producer, sound recordist & researcher. Programmes filmed, produced, directed and edited include ‘Screentime’, a 1/2 hour series reviewing film releases, & ‘Cyber Café’, a ½ hour series about interesting stories related to the internet, filmed “as live on location”.
  • Assistant Producer, researcher on “Rough Justice” Meridian Broadcasting
    Quick turnaround current affairs programme about the vigilante groups demonstrating against paedophiles in Portsmouth. August 2000
  •  On-screen Video Journalist Channel Television, Jersey, 1997-1999
    Senior reporter and Environment Correspondent on Local News Programme, “Channel Report”. Script writing, researching, producing & voicing news reports and features. Presenting the lunchtime news. Live interviews & 2-ways. Presenter and interviewer on live outside broadcasts.
  •  Camera/ director on “The Jungle Team” Channel Television , Jersey
    I filmed a half hour documentary on location in Ecuador, wrote the script and oversaw the edit. Filmed on a VX1000.