“Cackle TV has captured the both the essence of sea kayaking and its world-wide variety. Justine’s camera takes you into the thick of the action and gives you the thrill of riding the waves”.

Chris Cunningham, Editor of Seakayaker magazine

“At last a film that shows the true thrills, freedom and fun of sea kayaking. You can feel the spray, taste the salt in the air. You’ll actually feel like you’re in the cockpit with the kayaker.”

Jason Smith, editor of Canoe & Kayak UK magazine.

This video/DVD is a must have for Sea Kayakers. Awesome footage of paddling in surf and tidal rips! Many locations. Names you’ve heard before like Justine herself, Chris Duff, Maligiaq Padilla, Greg Stamer, both Nigels – and many more. It’s a great portrayal of sea kayaking as an active and exciting sport. This is entertainment – not training/lectures/lessons – but maybe even more instructive by example.

Just get it (I am not involved beyond being a happy customer).

Review on paddling.net

A short but concise review of this DVD would simply state “Buy it!”…. Justine has produced an excellent film capturing some of the world’s most proficient sea kayakers performing in a range of marine environments. The images range from stunning shots in the surf and tidal races, to sedate sequences with manatees in Florida, interspersed with interviews with some of the best known names in the sea kayaking world…… this film has inspired me to get out on the water and look at extending my own personal limits. “This is the Sea” clearly dispels the myth that sea kayaks are only for calm waters. They are versatile craft and are able to handle particularly demanding conditions. On the next spring tide I’ll be heading for the tidal race looking to emulate some of the paddling shown in this film….. It is informative, inspirational and at times quite humbling. This is a film for all kayakers and one which won’t gather dust on the shelf as it will receive frequent viewing

Review on www.seapaddler.co.uk

I just wanted to let you know that your video was wonderful! I enjoyed the landscapes, but loved the personal perspective with your camera positioning on each person’s boat. It really brought the feel up front and personal. The excitement of everyone on the video was so tangible that it really got me motivated to do much more then I had really dreamed and thought myself capable of achieving.

Lori Zastrow, by email.

Justine, I thought I’d let you know how terrific the video is. Of all the sea kayaking videos I am aware of, this is one of a kind in terms of showing the sport as exciting and adventure-filled. I will look forward to a sequel to a wonderful video.

Cheers from Seattle, Jim Helmich, by email

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