Justine has given hundreds of talks  about her adventures, to outdoor enthusiasts, school children and professionals. She’s presented at London’s Adventure Travel Show, Toronto & Ottawa’s “Outdoor Adventure & Travel Shows”, Kendal Mountain Film Festival,  Bryanston School, Alpkit’s Big Shakeout Festival, Vancouver Mountain Film Festival & many more.

Her presentations include extracts from her award-winning films, inspiring photographs, funny stories and tales of adventure.

She can present about a particular expedition – for example the world-first 101-day paddle along the Aleutian island chain with Sarah Outen, or a 1000mile expedition around Tierra Del Fuego in Patagonia.

A popular presentation is “Sea Kayaking the World”, containing highlights of kayaking expeditions on 6 continents over the last 15 years. From Russia to Iceland & New Zealand to Patagonia, Justine tells hilarious stories of her early mistakes, near misses and wildlife encounters. Her bubbly enthusiasm is contagious and her honest vulnerability makes you feel like that thing you’ve been secretly dreaming about could be a reality. Justine is driven by a desire to explore as much as possible of this fascinating world and the people who share it. She loves being the engine on her journeys and going to sleep with nothing but a few millimetres of canvas between her and all that nature has to offer. She hopes to share those passions with you.

Presentations can be 20 minutes – 90 minutes.

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Justine offers a 2 hour presentation about how to make adventure films which she developed for the Adventure Travel Show in Olympia, London. The talk covers how to make an award winning film using your existing camera equipment. It highlights the importance of telling a story and will equip you with filming and editing skills to help you achieve that.

This can be expanded into a half day or day long presentation. The day long seminar involves practical filming and editing to produce a film at the end of it.


Truly inspiring trip you presented yesterday in Montréal Justine. Filled my head with lots of dreaming potential. My daughters really like all the critters you encountered in your film. Thanks for your generosity. Allowing us all to live your larger than life adventures is really great.

– Pierre

Justine gave a talk at the Buxton Adventure Festival. We showed her film Kayaking The Aleutians, and she then took to the stage and entertained an enthralled audience on an audacious trip. Thoroughly inspiring.

– Matt Heason, Heason Evnts

Our past guest speakers were high profile climbers like Chris Bonnington , Kenton Cool & Andy Kirkpatrick.
Justine was our first female speaker and paddler. She has loads of guts, determination, compassion, energy, stamina & vision.
Her talk had humour, snapshots of situations, encouragement to the audience to try new things and more.
It was great to see that Justine interacted with members, they loved you. A talented speaker.

– John Harding,  President of BBRCC Outdoor Club

Great presentation Justine! We loved it and so did the crowd as you know by the applause afterwards! You really documented the trip well!

– David Naudi, U.S.A

It was our pleasure to have you here last night. You put on a great presentation.

– Deep Cove Outdoors

The slides were fun and gorgeous and your ability to tell a story was excellent! Great evening, great presentation!!

– Mody, Victoria

Terrific presentation Justine, it was very inspiring.

– Jody, Rhode Island