Hadas was born in January 1971, in Israel. She has widely traveled across South America, East Asia, and Africa, cycled solo for 2 months in Laos, and has found her ideal way of travel in sea kayaking.

Several years ago Hadas started to work as a white water rafting guide on the Jordan River, a river that on occasion is classed at grade 6. She subsequently turned to the sea and ever since has been involved in the sea kayaking industry, working as a kayak instructor and guiding in Israel, her home base and leading kayak expeditions thru the Greek islands.

Hadas is keenly sought after for her photographic skills and has been invited to deliver inspiration/motivational lectures world wide.

Hadas is a lovely fun-loving woman, genuinely interested in simply enjoying life, seeing the world with friends and paddling. Kayaking politics and competitiveness wash straight over her back – life is far too short to worry about anything like that. We asked Hadas for a a few insights.

What excites me??? mmmm lets see….well, kayaking in Alaska with Saggi last year we were in the middle of rounding a headland through a tidal race with wind in a big big mess. While struggling to stay upright and keep moving in the right direction, a big whale came up beside me and opened its mouth all the way. I yelled: Saggi..aaaaaa.. and almost s**t myself! I love most of all seeing wildlife in its natural home but truly i am scared of many animals on the way, not all thank god. Penguins I absolutely fell in love with, totally from the bottom of my heart. But I’m scared even of the smallest tiniest fish. Jeff figured that out quick in Japan and use to throw dead small fish at me. I almost capsized when one hit me. Same in south Georgia with the fur seals. Everyone would walk with a stick in their hand for protection and I was so womanly scared, I just hid behind a different back while walking every time. O, what a sissy.

Worst habit on a trip? mmmm, I don’t know, I’m perfect, no?????? Lets see…..when paddling in big strong wind on a following sea, trying to stay in a straight line with no skeg, and zigzag the whole day, I get so frustrated and angry at the water and each stroke I curse the paddle, the water, the boat, but not me. (’cause I’m perfect…). The best habit I adopted while paddling in Japan in 2004 is to quit eating junk food. I feel like a recovered alcoholic. A new beginning.

Thing I love the absolute most is life on the way, waking up in a different place every morning (in my own tent I mean), the tent being my home, looking out to the green, or blue or white around. Owning nearly nothing, meeting new interesting people all the time, taking loads of pictures, and having fun. I hope I remember all that fun stuff when I’m old and sitting knitting in my coring chair. who said life has to be difficult?????????

Will that do???????????”

Her previous expeditions include:

2002 – 300 kilometres solo expedition along the cost of Turkey. And led groups around the Dodecanese islands in Greece.

2003 – 600 kilometre journey along the Kamchatka coastline together with Justine Curgenven. This is featured in ‘This is the Sea’.

2004 – Together with Jeff Allen on a 6 month journey, paddled 6500 kilometres, circumnavigating the four main islands of Japan. This expedition is featured in ‘This is the Sea 2’.

2005 –With Saggi Nehushtan paddled 800 kilometres in Alaska, from Whittier to homer.

2005 – Paddled 650 kilometres circumnavigating the sub Antarctic island of South Georgia together with Peter Bray, Nigel Dennis, Jeff Allen.

2007 – circumnavigation of Newfoundland with Tomer Sabag. a journey of 2200 km that took 2 and a half months to complete.

Hadas is featured in ‘This is the Sea’ and ‘This is the Sea 2’.

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