Justine is an award winning adventure filmmaker and expedition seakayaker, whos programmes have aired on the National Geographic Channel, Channel 4, Channel 5 and the BBC. She runs Cackle TV and created the highly acclaimed “This is the Sea” series of sea kayaking DVDs. Her films have won over a dozen prestigious prizes including best film at Graz Mountain Film Festival and best adventure film at Banff & Kendal Mountain Film Festivals. She’s been runner up in CKUK magazine’s “Paddler of the Year” & a finalist in Canoe & Kayak Magazine’s “Female Paddler of the Year” and “Expedition of the Year”. She was named as one of the UK’s top 20 living explorers by ‘The Telegraph’ and was invited to meet the Queen at a Buckingham Palace reception for adventurers.

Justine has been a speaker at outdoor events around the world including London’s Adventure Travel Show and written dozens of magazine articles including for Geographical, Adventure Travel magazine, Canoe & Kayak, Adventure Kayak and Canoe Roots. Justine was previously a competitive sportswoman, winning 9 Blues at Cambridge university and representing England at hockey at Universities level. She was president of “The Ospreys”, the Cambridge University womens sporting association.

She learnt to tell a story as a Television News Reporter, then a multi-skilled programme maker before setting up Cackle TV in 2002. Justine loves all adventures, and has mountain biked across the Pyrenees mountains from coast to coast, climbed the almost 7,000 metre Mount Aconcagua (which she filmed for a National Geographic series), ski toured steep routes in Chamonix & canoed the remote Mountain River in Canada’s NWT. In 2002, she competed for England in the surf kayak world championships winning several of her heats and helping England to 4th position.

Justine’s speciality is challenging seakayaking journeys. Her sea kayaking expeditions include;

  • The first all-female circumnavigation of Tasmania –  900-miles in 42 days.
  • A solo trip around Iceland’s West Fjords
  • A 400mile journey up the Pacific coast of Kamchatka with Hadas Feldman and a novice Russian sea kayaker.
  • A 500mile circumnavigation of the Queen Charlotte Islands with Shawna Franklin & Leon Somme
  • A kayak crossing of the eastern Bass Strait, island-hopping between mainland Australia and Tasmania
  • The first kayak circumnavigation of Wales ( by sea, river and canal) with Fiona Whitehead
  • A 2400km circumnavigation of the South island of New Zealand taking 67 days, with Barry Shaw
  • A 500 mile circumnavigation of Sardinia with Barry Shaw
  • 3 crossings of the Irish Sea of between 45-57 nautical miles – from Anglesey to the Isle of Man, from the Llyn Peninsula to Wicklow in Ireland and from Holyhead to Dublin. All the crossings were done in strong following ( or side) winds. The Llyn- Wicklow Crossing was on New Years Day, one of the shortest ( and coldest) days of the year.
  • A crossing from mainland Scotland to Shetland, via the Orkney islands and Fair Isle
  • Kayaking 120 miles from London to France in 50 hours & kayaking from Russia to Japan in a series of open water crossings – both with Sarah Outen. See the film on ‘This is the Sea 5’
  • A world first kayak trip 1000 miles around ‘Isla Grande’, Tierra Del Fuego – a remote windswept Patagonian island, with Barry Shaw.
  • Circumnavigation of Ireland in 2013 with Barry Shaw & Roger Chandler
  • 64 nautical mile paddle around Anglesey in 10 hours 8 minutes (2nd fastest person to date).
  • Kayaking 2500 km along the Aleutian island chain and Alaskan peninsula with Sarah Outen in 2014 over 101 days
  • Paddling over 1000km along West Papua & Papua in Indonesia with Sandy Robson in 2016. Sandy is kayaking from Germany to Australia re-tracing the route of Oskar Speck.
  • Solo circumnavigation of Vancouver island in 32 days in May 2016.

Justine_in-WalesWith help from technical experts (long before GoPro cameras), Justine developed a unique waterproof camera system & suction mount to film seakayaking from her kayak, producing never-before-seen shots of bulging eyes, surprised faces and composure under pressure! Her films are known for their ‘in your face’ action shots which make you feel like you are in the kayak with expert paddlers. Always looking for a new challenge and with an ‘anything is possible’ attitude, in 2009 Justine took up open boating and made the first modern canoeing DVD showcasing the different aspects of the sport. ‘This is Canoeing” features many top names, beautiful wilderness journeys and exciting whitewater. In the process, she paddled 370km down Canada’s remote Mountain river, crossed Rannoch Moor in Scotland, paddled down Algonquins Petawawa river & learnt what it is like to pin a canoe on a challenging rapid!

Justine teamed up with expert rollers, Cheri Perry & Turner Wilson, to make a highly acclaimed instructional rolling DVDs, “This is the Roll” and “This is the Roll 2”.