Cackle TV is distributing ‘Sea Kayak Rescues’, the new DVD by  Reel Water Productions.
What the producers say:
World class sea kayak instructors Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme team up with award winning filmmaker Bryan Smith in Sea Kayak Rescues, a comprehensive modern guide to rescues for all paddlers. Using stunning slow motion to illustrate details and real time footage of rescues in tidal races, dynamic water and the open coast, this film sets a new standard in sea kayak instruction.
Shawna and Leon break down self and assisted rescues and show applications in flat, dynamic and rough water.  Beautiful cinematography and world class instruction combine in a unique and effective instructional film.

30 Minutes/Extras include a 3 skills videos on edging, bow rudder and stern rudders.

What we think:
This instructional film focusses on visuals to teach rescues. It’s beautifully shot and you can clearly see how the rescues are performed. Footage from cameras mounted on the kayaks, a camera in the water, and from the cliffs are merged together to give a clear picture of what to do to safely and quickly get back into your kayak. Shawna and Leon show the importance of decklines and toggles during rescues and talk about their philosophies, with a focus on efficiency and safety. The DVD shows rescues in ‘real’ situations where you are likely to need them and the editing with great music in the background is designed to be exciting so you want to watch it time and again. Their focus is on being able to do a self rescue as a first line of defense, and failing that a solid T-rescue.
Shawna & Leon are two of the most experienced & enthusiastic paddlers and coaches anywhere! They teach resuces a lot and it shows. Their speed and efficiency at getting back into their own kayaks in rough conditions is incredible. It’s worth watching them scramble back into their boats in Deception Pass in just a few seconds to be inspired to improve your own skills.
This DVD is effective and to-the-point. It’s running length is 30 minutes but as one happy customer said “The movie is as efficient as the rescue”!
It’s a length where you can watch it time and again.