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Bardsey island is one of my favourite paddles and places and yesterday provided a chance for a very special visit. The recent incessant winds were taking a rest providing the opportunity to kayak across the fast currents and tidal races of Bardsey Sound to reach the gem on the other side.

Barry, Marcus Demuth, Roger Chandler and I dragged ourselves out of our respective beds fairly early to make the most of the visit. The paddle to the island was quite sporty, as we left from Abadaron and hugged the mainland shore to reach the more northerly headland of Braichy-Pwll. The tide was ebbing through the sound in the opposite direction and the not entirely dormant wind was also against us. Rebounding waves meant we couldn’t tuck right into the shore, so we fought the tide at the small headlands along the way. Nothing too difficult, but exciting and fun!

The tide race at Braich-y-Pwll provided some large waves to bounce up and over as we started our ferry glide across to the island. It was a great paddle under a gradually clearing sky and a dropping wind. We passed Rachel & Jo Porter taking the chance to leave the island for a few days on their small boat. It was great to see them briefly but a shame not to sit down and chat for longer.

Once on the island, we had a cup of tea with Steve & Ben Porter – the island’s only inhabitants at the moment – and took a lovely walk up ‘the mountain’ to enjoy the views back across the Sound and down the Welsh coast.


The wind had almost died for the paddle back and we enjoyed gorgeous views of the coastline, bathed in pink and orange light from the sunset. A few glassy waves at Abadaron finished off a wonderful winters day out!

Marcus has put some great photos up here.

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