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PostHeaderIcon Day 11

Rain fell on us last night and at times today, the first rain we’ve had on the trip since our first night. Thankfully our hilleberg Tarra tent kept us warm and dry and its often a shock when we unzip it and find that it’s cold outside. The forecast was for quite strong west then sw winds but it was more NW in the morning which slowed us down for the first 3 hours. We launched at 10.30am which was 3 hours before high water because waiting until 1.30 seemed too late! We risked committing ourselves to a short day, or 12+ hours of paddling if we had to wait until mid tide before we could land somewhere.

We saw quite a few noisy birds of prey with nests on prominent headlands. They made themselves known to us, i guess to tell us to stay clear.

There were a few reasonable low tide landing options today and in the end we spotted a nice step gravel slope leading to a sandy beach. We landed at 8.30pm, an hour after low tide after 10 hours in the kayaks and 30 nautical miles.

We’re at that stage of the trip where days merge together, i forget what day it is and I’m looking forward to a shower whenever that may be! We’re not that far from Quaqtaq, a community which is about our half way point and where we shipped a resupply. Its probably 2 paddling days away.

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